A Flooring Consultant works in an independent and impartial capacity.


The area of their expertise ranges from inspecting failed floors and offering a professional opinion as to the cause, preparing written reports for individuals and the courts, to the Civil Procedures Rules (CPR) section 35. They act as expert witnesses in court proceedings. Reports are therefore often prepared on the basis that they are working for the courts irrespective of who pays their fee.


Consultants will give advice on or prepare detailed specification for flooring systems and installation methods. They will carry out onsite or office based testing and research including moisture related issues. They attend various seminars and meetings with manufacturers to maintain an up to date understanding of the products that are available in the market place.


Primary and ongoing training is fundamental to the creation and advancement of hardwood flooring as a professional occupation and consultants embrace this by promoting and delivering all types of training and assessment tailored to suit the individual’s needs. With their range of experience they can cover a wide spectrum of services to raise the standards and quality of workmanship for the installer. Provide in depth knowledge of product and performance to contracts managers, supervisors, salesmen, and office staff and management.


To the members of the BwfA we are but a telephone call away and will offer unbiased technical support